photo of David Cuesta the artist staring at a video of David Cuesta the artist staring at a phone for 1 hour.

David Cuesta

David Cuesta is a Canadian, British, and Colombian artist who currently resides in the UK. He works in a variety of mediums. His work references formal elements of minimalism and aspects of conceptual dematerialisation. He is also involved in working with issues of Latin American diaspora and identity. He has more than two decades of experience in exhibitions and artist residencies, and has participated in projects in London, Vancouver, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong.
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Curriculum Vitae
Filet Gallery
Video, Sculpture, Drawings
London, UK, 2023

Senescence Exhibition
Pocko Gallery
Video, Sculpture, Collages
London, UK, 2023
Mixed Media Projections Performance
Praxis Studios
London, UK, 2022
Florence Trust 1 Year Residency
Mixed Installations and Performances
London, UK, 2018-2019
Only One
Private Collector Hong Kong
Hong Kong, August 2016
Tongue Fu Poetry Films
Various Animations
BBC and, 2012
Photographers Gallery, 2014
Rich Mix, Ongoing Residency
Price of Oil
Digital Installation
Alberta Winter Olympic Pavilion
Vancouver, February 2010
Acrylic Wall Installation
Wincanton Group Show
Somerset, October 2009
Urban Versioning
Illustrations for book
by Usman Haque and Matthew Fuller
New York, May 2008
Margaret Howell
Menswear Showroom
Paris, May 2007
Nine White Lillies
Tosa Gallery
Vancouver, BC, August 2006 
In Brackets
Boyle Gallery
London, October 2005 
Large Format Prints
Nog Gallery, London, April 2005  
Large Format Prints
Red & White Exhibition
Canada House, London, September 2004
Issues 5 & 9, March 2003 & 2004 
Curated Publication Featuring Una Knox, Terrence Koh, Tim Barber, Panagiotis Tsagaris & Jeremy Shaw.
Vancouver, July 2002
Some Magazine
Creative Director & Founder 6 issues
Vancouver, September 2001 
Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, BC August 2000 
Iplo 1-4
Sculptural Works, 
Cellular Origins Group Show
Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, BC May 2000 
Installation, Large Scale Xerography
Solo Show
The Crying Room Gallery, February 2000 
Mixed Media
50 things to remember for Y2K Group Show
Curated by Ken Anderlini Video in, July 1999 
Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, BC  December 1999 
Sculptural Installation
Witness Group Show
Round House Community Centre, December 1997